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08. If your are interested pls visit our community. 06 MUSIC DAY ARASHI ni Shiyagare Collaboration - Matsumoto Ohno Corner + ARASHI Cut — 2 [Eng Sub] 19. Shabake 2: UsoUso promotion on VS Arashi !! Summary : Tegoshi Miyasako appeared on VS Arashi and doing fun games. For everything else, they did it, and chose it, day in, day out. livejournal. WELCOME to my livejournal ♥ This journal is mostly about Yamada Ryosuke♥, because I love him, and only him! I will be glad to meet all Ryosuke's & HSJ's fans, if you add me, please, don't be silent, keep talk, ok? Arashi TV Master List 嵐 Regular Shows Mayonaka の Arashi Mayonaka no Arashi #001 2001. 2008 Ep. You can find it all on Livejournal, so you As part of Kames birthday project, I made english subs for the 29. Readability. Like Arashi, the makers of this index hope this will be forever here :) Arashi subbed videos index — LiveJournal ☆Arashic Index Guide VS Arashi #195 Rolling Coin Tower Junior High School National Championship [2012. VS Arashi #206 [2013. com-----RULES-----Viet - Fansub của Arashi do VS Arashi Team sub thực hiện là MIỄN PHÍ, 6 thành viên của team sub làm vietsub vì Arashi, bằng tình yêu đối với các anh, và vì những Arashi's fan. DISCLAIMER: This is a fanbase humoristic video, it is not intended to offend any fan but make them laugh The DVD release for Arashi's Japonism Tour 2015 has been announced. 01. 02. lady_ryora —. 5D actor) x"D even of course bangumi rules keep focus on arashi team and fukusota, i still happy because finally they are VS Arashi - 2 July 2015 (2hr Special / 1st half / Guest: V6) I decided to translate this because I had some time on my hand, am kinda jet lagged and will fall to the temptation of sleep if I don’t do SOMETHING with my time so… So fast!! Thank you so much and Happy birthday Sho-kun!!! ^o^ ♥ manue33 on January 25th, 2018 11:46 pm (UTC) This journal is an index only. XD especially aiba-chan I don't have screenshots for the scene that so funny to prevent spoiler. credits (for lyrics translations): taijiproject. The post will be friend-locked later, so add her as your friend and don't forget to follow all of her rules. ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015, Japonism Track List 01. overture 02. Sakura 03. miyabi-night 04. ワイルド アット ハート 05. Troublemaker 06. 青空の下、キミのとなり 07. Make a wish 08. Welcome to my small community! ♥ I sub and share Arashi's short clips in this community, but I'm still learning, by myself, so join at your own risk XP VS Arashi Golden #092 [2012. 11. 23. for Next KiNoochi Project I Currently translating, timing, and typesetting Hirunandesu and Inoshira. I like seeing how Tegoshi is spoiled by his seniors and how he and Sho fanboy each other XD Note: This is a SOFTSUB!! I really had a big trouble to rip the GACKT part in the show due to the big file size and that I don't have that much free space on my computer. Hello, I'm cika from Indonesia. 2008] - Supermarket, Pilot, Complaint Correspondent, Aquarium 003… Hello Everyone. We're [livejournal. Arashi ni Shiyagare Collapse ) ( Arashi no Shukudai-kun Collapse ) List of TV variety shows with Johnnys guest appearance. 07. A fan of SMAP, Arashi, Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO), GACKT, Kana Nishino, and Namie Amuro. In this community, you will find all of our works regarding reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules. But im not gonna give some link to the communities who sub the video becaue it will break their… 20150219 vs arashi golden #217 - guest; Johnny's West I know I'm jumping around on the episodes here but again this was a result of my perfectionist side. VS Arashi Golden #092 [2012. i see jun kun in hana yori dango. 23] Eng Sub This episode is really funny. Of course its not complete, but I hope this will help people in searching more guest appearance of their favorite Johnnys. The moment I knew Daiki was going to appear in Inoshira, I swore to myself I would sub it. sub@gmail. KING and Prince, to King Prince, this community is for all things Kishi Yuta, Iwahashi Genki, Hirano Sho, Jinguji Yuta, Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito-related. It is unfortunately only a DVD rip (not a BluRay rip). I subbed this like as soon as the RAW was out but I got fed up about the typesetting so I never touched it again. 10 - Aiba (Aquarium, Yankees, crossing the ferry) Mayonaka no Arashi #003 2001. 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare 05. 2008] - Disneyland, Convenience Store, Department of Ophthalmology, Bomb Diffuser 002 [17. Now since that's a little about me. 03. 24 Duration : 46mins 26secs Raw provider : Here at arashigoodies Transcript : Here at  use the softsub for re-translation, please credit me at arashitranslation@DW. 05] VS Arashi Golden #02 Arashi + Haruna Ai vs Ex-Baseball Players [2009. Tags: arashi, eng sub, vs arashi. I finished this yesterday after timing it twice because the first encoding messed up the whole timing. This is Arashi ENG from Twitter (@arashiENG)! I have decided to open up a blog so I can do more translating and posting other Arashi related material. Individual member varieties and other programs which Arashi guests in may occasionally be uploaded, but to our own discretion. There's many sexy phrase here like "Sexy Thank You", "Sexy Sorry", "Sexy Fool" and many others that make you laugh for sure. I didn't do the Baba Arashi segment (which had Go in it, but he didn't talk much either), though. Best Artist 2008 Arashi Part 10. It hasn't been updated much since October 2009 and almost inactive, so there are almost no new stuff. Well, anyway, in that VS Arashi, GACKT is trying to win the show, but I'm pretty sure you're curious if he lost or won this time ! :P This video isn't the full show but is a GACKT cut I've made myself. 24H TV [2013. 06 MUSIC DAY OP + Shiyagare Review + BRAVE — 1 [Eng Sub] 19. Episode 124 from JTBC 비정상회담 broadcast time: 2016 11 14. About us From Mr. We list the videos and where they can be found, we did not sub them. I did a (kinda rough) translation of V6's guesting on the latest VSA. 25 eng sub request If anyone knows where I can find english subtitles of the VS Arashi episode when Jun chooses between hats for an unnecessarily long time, please let me know! P. A subber (timing, typesetting, encoding). 20150625 VS Arashi #233 - Guest; Tokusatsu Heroes [English Subs]. A piece of lyric of Endless Game as title! Lyric taken from yarukizero I found this one at a recycle shop for only 500yen! It's the music video DVD included version one so it was a great deal! some people point their fingers to others just to stupid reason and without clear information, someone being scapegoat and cant do nothing, how many times and how much people give confirmation and truth but they (the one point their fingers) never acceptno they wont accept, cause their life is to watch others human in suffer, they like to distroy others and said "you're deserve this and 24 hour television, aiba masaki, arashi, arashi ni shiyagare, ashida mana, hey!hey!hey!, himitsu no arashi-chan, lyrics translation, minna no happy birthday, subbed, tensai! shimura doubutsuen, translation, vs arashi, みんなのハッピーバースデイ, 芦田愛菜 vsa. IT will be released on August 24, 2016. Although my health for the past month or so has been really bad like unable to get out of bed or even do my own groceries bad I received a nerve block in my neck last Wednesday, which has already improved my pain a lot. 002 - Supermarket + Pilot + Complaint Correspondent + Aquarium Secrets 24. VS Arashi 2018. 15 VS Arashi with Kame as guest. No account? Create an account Hellooooo~~ I just subbed VS Arashi with Sexy Zone appeared as guest. com. 20150219 vs arashi golden #217 - guest; Johnny's West I know I'm jumping around on the episodes here but again this was a result of my perfectionist side. 2015 VS Arashi with Kame as guest. com yarukizero. So i did compile this from Kazunari and yhamie28 (i edit a little plus add more episode). Also my  We subbed Vs Arashi 11. We regularly sub Arashi ni Shiyagare and VS Arashi. VS ARASHI 20090214 Moromizato Shinobu , Ueda Momoko 6. The Medium-Sized Entertainer Team I'm so sorry it took so long to finished this :( Anyway, here's the May op talks! Raw: arashigoodies Proofreader: sukarideepsoul Encoder: asdfgenta Also, I've been thinking about whether or not you guys want me to continue this project :/ Someone else started subbing VSA op talk every week after on… - Arashi on Suichi 20190101 - VS Arashi 20190131 [Message from Arashi] - Arashi Ni Shiyagare 20190427 [Nino's segment] [Oshaberi Arashi Project] January 2019 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 [Mitazono] Episode 01 Episode 02 All my post, except drama sub, are posted publicly so you don't have to add me to get them. only arashi files. 003 - Military Force + Instant… Their waku waku event has been announced to the public today. Only applications from LiveJournal accounts will be accepted, hence we will  Aug 9, 2018 I'm fixing my girlfriend's boobs here!“ Source: yoshiko-mama. thank you~ (c) mei-san. arashi arashi ni shiyagare arashi no shukudai-kun border d no arashi episode guide g no arashi ha dong kyun himitsu no arashi-chan icons immortal song j-drama jdrama jung dong ha jung joon young mago mago arashi masterpost mozu nino oguri shun ohno pl pv sho single takahashi yu ulala session vs arashi yuusha yoshihiko Hello!! Here's the some of New Year programs for you. For sure I will sub troublemaker PV, but I will wait until the HQ version is out because I'm a bit of quality video nazi. 04. hai, i'm a new Arashi fan, i began to download Arashi shows and i like. Episode Guide Masterpost eiko_c January 31st, 2011. Dưới đây là những quy ước chung của VS Arashi Team sub với mọi người: i think i konw arashi in 2006 or 2007. ^_^ nino can't resist his laughing LOL oh-chan LOL hahahaha ~~~ thanks for the translation niji_bunny for the raw file thanks to haniko44 this is where i'll be posting (mostly?) subbed arashi videos and lyrics translations (including non-arashi). Log in. Yamada Tarou Extras "Silly Talk" Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho 8. LJ Top is automatically   Sep 13, 2014 Suikyuu Yankees (2014) - haruyama5993 masaniken (livejournal, both public) Another (2012) - thewarpingpenguin (compilation on where to download + subs) Katemasu promos x x arashi ni shiyagare; L♡DK - vs arashi. 22] V6 + Hey!Say!JUMP message and medley 5LDK [2012. I like Arashi ni shiyagare rather than vs Arashi, but I don't understand Japanese so it's more easier to watching vs arashi even if not subbed. VS Arashi 2019. Where to watch or download Arashi Show with eng sub!? HI! I am a huge Arashi fan ever since i was in middles school. 03 please head here . My favorite groups include Kanjani8, Arashi, TOKIO, SMAP, and Johnnys West. i want to make joining as easy as possible, so the only thing i ask of new members, is to please read and follow the rules. VS Arashi EP 70 (Yoshikawa Hinano & Hotohara Toru team) VS Arashi EP 71 VS Arashi EP 72 (Garage Sale team) VS Arashi EP 73 (Kikukawa Rei & Kitagawa Hiromi team) VS Arashi SP (Ohno Satoshi Reports History of VS Arashi) VS Arashi Golden 2 Hour SP 4 ( Tokyo Dogs team & Tokyo Theater team) VS Arashi EP 74 (Medium Size Entertainer team) VS Arashi EP 75 What this documentary proved was that a flashy debut was the only thing that fell to their laps. Enjoy! There are bound to be mistakes so if you see anything wrong or missing do let me know. 0:49. v6 take me higher song so much, it kind of remind me about old Times, my name is Eko Dwi i am from Indonesia too, nice too meet you. 9 ~Keiji Senmon Bengoshi~ Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5… Click the *download tag for the links Recent subs are at soulsubs What I did so far: VS Arashi 06. VS Arashi: Team TOO YOUNG TO DIE! w/ Tomoya Nagase (Plus One Guest: Okazu Club) [2016. This team provides great English hardsubbed videos for their regular shows such as VSArashi, Arashi no Shukudai-kun, and Himitsu no Arashi-chan, and they also provide hardsubbed videos for guest appearances on other shows, dramas, movies, and even concert clips. dreamwidth. 18 GB H E R E Decryption key : !fDLZJTlaBCJPuD4d_iu2kJBe5LOAppLCInC-1kr uC7E Korekatsu Arashi 20160103 2 separate files. Thanks. 26] With Yokoyama You and Murakami Shingo 99. [sub] vs arashi 2018. Follow the link listed beside the video and join THAT community, not this journal. I haven't watched a VS Arashi The wait is finally over, here's the presentation for ARASHI! Thanks for being so patient. Jan 28, 2019 Show name : VS Arashi Air date : 2019. 25] Ohnos Glitter Challenge (Cut) [2015. 2013 - VSA 180413 - Himura of Bananaman and Bakarhythm vs Sho . But then again, it doesn't mean that I'm no longer an Arashi fan. I checked few times whether I got everything right, but if you spot any mistake please let me know so I can correct it~ Well, if you have any comments or… Finally after 2 3 O_O long weeks of slacking and dreaming, we present you our first full episode sub of HnA #37 before Cindy gets shipped to China as a coolie goes to China happily! *not looking forward to 29th April * This episode is filled with cool Optical Illusions and see how Arashi goes crazy in the Spot The Difference challenge. ~ 001 [10. 29] Taichi Kokubun's Osanpo Japan (Guest: Shigeru Joshima) -- queued / need HD raw 2016 TOKIO x Arashi No-cut Talks Taichi Kokubun x Kazunari Ninomiya Tatsuya Yamaguchi x Jun Matsumoto Tomoya Nagase x Satoshi Ohno • Feel free to re-translate to other languages (just keep in mind that my translations may not be 100% accurate) One I recommend, and that I belong in (xD), is called STORMY team sub. 26] VS Arashi Golden #01 Arashi + Shimura Ken vs TKO, Ogiyahagi, Black Mayonnaise, Kendo Kobayashi [2009. I've hard subbed the whole VS Arashi episode with Chinen and Yamada! My subs/translation maybe inaccurate and there are some parts (don't worry, theres not much chinen and yamada part) that are unsubbed. 03] ☆ New Years 3 Hour SP ☆ Guest team: Hakama Team ☆ Bet de Arashi VS Arashi #207 [2013. mem'ing this until i can get my computer back. 2015 MIRACLE Debikuro-kun no Koi to Mahou movie Arashi ni Shiyagare 05. 05 Eien no Nispa Preview - Matsumoto Jun Comment — 2 20110526 VS Arashi #138 Paradise Kiss team eng subbed - An ornament for a summer's day — LiveJournal hi hi!!!! usually im not upload arashi's regular bangumi but this episode is exception! yes so special for me xD because my 3 fandoms finally in one event omg!!! arashi, seiyuu, and butai!!!!! yes yes im so excited to watch Miyano Mamoru (seiyuu) and Suzuki Hiroki (2. 08) · Dec. Joining the community is easy. 30. 10. 22] VS Arashi SP 2 Hours Arashi vs Tokyo Dogs Team vs Tokyo Theater Team [2009. Heroine Shikkaku Team will be on VS ARASHI 9/24 episode 19:00〜19:58 this will be the 4th time that Yamazaki-kun will be appearing on the said show ^^ Thanks for coming to the Kanjani∞ LJ Community!! All Kanjani∞ fans can join. But I think everyone can get the gist of it so therefore I'm sharing this (: If… I made eng subs for the 29. com ( Eng Sub) 20180517 VS Arashi King & Prince のデビュー話. 17 - Jun (Milk delivery) Mayonaka no Arashi… [Download] Arashi - Troublemaker PV (karaoke and eng sub) - When Jun and Junsu are not the only things in my life — LiveJournal A double posting, yay! Only this time it's not Arashi, what? Nope, this time I'm posting one of my favorite songs ever from the movie カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる (Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru) or The Liar and His Lover. team. King vs Mr. 26 (ara-1 grand prix) Your entry got to top-25 of the most popular entries in LiveJournal! Learn more about LiveJournal Ratings in FAQ. Dưới đây là những quy ước chung của VS Arashi Team sub với mọi người: So, this Arashi vs Kanjani8 game on Shiyagare for 24Hr TV is going to be an annual thingy? Well, not that I'm complaining because Arashi becomes fiercely competitive when they're up against Kanjani8. 06. Imagining the dedication it takes to live up to a name like that is exhausting. 16. really. . png ( Read moreCollapse ). Unlike the previous occasions in which I would flip up and be in super bad mood when the timing was messed up, this time I was happy indeed. 24 - 37 years old · Jan. We do have a some rules which can be found on the userinfo page. 🔒 - Locked ★ - New (updated monthly) All episode dates in bold are subbed. This guide is mainly based on information from Arashi ni Shiyagare official site and a little bit on the list on kazunari. Download videos, upload them to the streaming site of your choice, and share with your friends! W elcome to jankensuru, another Arashi subbing community with both our own and subs aired on TV. Thank you so much for sharing this. Yoko provoking them with Kanjani Shiyagara and the new one, Yoko-san to replace Nino-san is just some spices. The fact is, Arashi took time to be the Arashi we know today. This journal is an index only. Subscribe Readability >>Click Here To Go<< Shinohara is visiting again in celebrating her 30 years old As usual KinKi ignoring her during the introducing of guest She also pointed out recent shortcoming of Koichi & Tsuyoshi Special thanks to Ayame-chan 18_sz!! She helped me a lot in making the completion of this guide possible. 20110512 VS Arashi cuts eng subbed - An ornament for a summer's day — LiveJournal yours truly links; Tags I've been itching to sub one clip from HnA, but I'm I always struggling to find a list about VS Arashi guest and opponent when compile my own data in hard disk. This is a filesharing community for jpop group Arashi and only Arashi. 05. 08 has been released at #menimisubs   Jun 4, 2018 Example: Paradise Kiss VS Arashi and Haruna Ai (eng subs) might be available in private livejournal communities but they're hard to find. Since most people here don't follow my personal blog, I figured I'd update the comm as well. subs for Ishihara Satomi's new drama "Takane no Hana" have been posted at the . 22. If I find something from another group I might sub it as well if it interests me. 22] Tao Drum with Yaotome Hikaru and Nakajima Yuto [2015. Arashi Page on Johnny's Official Website: Arashi's official section in the [Regular TV Show] VS Arashi. Just Twitter was hard because of the 140 character limit, so my thought is to post necessary information on LJ, and tweet the link to the post onto my Twitter account. 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare… If you interested to download this Peach Girl team Vs Arashi, visit cit's LJ NOW!!! HERE. As its written in the profile page, I will NOT be taking requests. 23] ★ Updated 10 February 2019 For episodes before this, see here (external). VS ARASHI 20090228 Degawa Tetsurou, Edo Harumi 9. com profile]  VS Arashi. ( This V6 Going to Mt Everest and… Himitsu no Arashi-chan (Epsiode guide) This list is rather for my personal use, but you can fell free to use it too. [Update] Eng. org . gonindeiru is an Arashi (English) Subbed Videos index for Arashi videos aired/released in Japan from 2013 onwards. All posts are locked, so please join to view the content! VS Arashi In-depth Episode Guide Hello hello! Not a subbed video today - I wasn't all that sure where I should share this because I figured that not a lot of people would be this into statistics as I am. If you got the previous BluRay rip before it was taken down, you can use it for fansubbing purpose. Needless to say, it'll contain things not just about Arashi but my other fandoms as well (don't really want to create another tumblr account for my other obsessions). If you're a new Arashi fan and new to LJ, we suggest that you read nicefinalbeam 's guide to Livejournal and winkychan 's Arashi's starter guide. Simply put, t he Arashi we know now is Hello and welcome to ANM (Ao no Michi/The Blue Road) community, where you can find subbed files for Arashi, a Japanese group under Johnny's & Associate company. Himitsu no Arashi-chan 20090129 Tall People 7. Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project. [subs] NEWS ZERO - Plus One ( Toyosu market) + Sho cuts (2018. Prince, to Mr. if the download links on sendspace doesn't work anymore by the time i get it back, will you upload them again? only my fav ones, of course. Tags: drama: eien no nishipa, member: matsumoto jun, sub: eng sub. This list was first We list the videos and where they can be found, we did not sub them. MASTER POST Index of english-subbed arashi stuff. I'll be their Perhaps I'll delete the community once I'm sure that I'll never sub again. It can be found here [Eng Sub] 19. 17] ☆ Plus One: Black Mayonnaise ☆ Guest team: Yomiuri Giants Team VS Arashi #208 [2013. Watch NO, we do not provide subs or any type of videos. 19] VS Arashi Golden #04… VS Arashi 2016. it took so long to finished this :( Anyway, here's the May op talks! VS Opening May_001_9177. Follow the link  Sep 10, 2018 so i meant to release this on jun's birthday, but then i encountered some timing issues (i had to redo it completely), and i started nitpicking as  Aug 13, 2012 As a celebration to the official debut of VS Arashi in Singapore (which will be happening in an hour time), heres a compilation of opening talks  Arashi ni Shiyagare 20171118 Guest Suda Masaki - Translating Dropped Eight Ranger . i add you as my friend, could you please add me back???😃😃😃 i really eager to watch this vs Arashi but it blocked pleaseee Welcome to arashi_yuuki community. Rating of posts in LiveJournal blogs. We don't want to take credit for the TV subs, we simply upload them, so to distinguish between the two, we use two tags - "! not our subs" and " subbed by the comm". Also my (almost inactive) tumblr will contain updates of my translations as well as fandom posts. 2009 – Ep. Here are the rules: Do NOT post my files on any streaming sites. S. Welcome to Attack on Arashi Fansubs! *pops confetti* ^o^ If you’re here, I’m just going to assume that you’re an Arashi fan, and that you’ve come looking for subbed videos of them, because this is exactly that : A community for translating and subbing videos of Arashi. Jul 10, 2008 Newly debut Arashi was interviewed by senpai Shonentai. 121117 Arashi ni Shiyagare: Urban Legends SP Hi Minna-san, time for the monthly bangumi review! This time, I found this review which I have done several months ago, hidden away in a lonely folder in my laptop. 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare 06. The index has moved to we_make_storm The index is now maintained by dvampyrlestat , rosevic87 , serafina22 , yuckie_chan This community was named after one of our favourite Arashi songs, Yume ni Kakeru, and provides raw files for Arashi's group variety shows, VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare. Welcome to arashiforstream, the livejournal community with English subbed Arashi videos designed for streaming use. Johnny Countdown 2015-2016 MEGA 2. Arashi - Ohno VS Flock Of Deer (ENG SUB). ^_^ Other Guides: VS Arashi Episode Guide by 18_sz G no Arashi Guide by kocchie For the date before 2014. ^_^ nino can't resist his laughing LOL oh-chan LOL hahahaha ~~~ thanks for the translation niji_bunny for the raw file thanks to haniko44 [2009. 24] ☆ Plus One: TKO ☆ Guest team: Aiba and Last Hope Team VS Arashi… Hello! I hope everyone is having a good day ^-^ But in case you are not, don't worry, we are delivering something that is guaranteed to make your day a good one! KiNooChi and cit present, VS Arashi with Peach Girl team as the guest! HOORAY!! This is a collaboration project between aichankawaii and ochiyta. domyoji is dreamy boy and i want to know about jun more(he is the my first love in arashi but every thing changing ne ?! hehehe,all of them are great ). VS ARASHI 20090425 Hige Danshaku, Nishikawa Ayako 12. My name is Sandra and I am a big fan of Arashi and I have seen alot of people searching for english subbed Arashi game shows I know a place where you can watch VS Arashi without downloading it with english subbed I just finished watching Code Blue SP~ Also VS Arashi which was before it~ Yamapi is so cool and cute~~~ XD In VS Arashi SP, Toda Erika, Yamapi, Higa Manami, Asari Yosuke and Ryo (The woman whose hair is really very curly and she is old and emotionless ). Perhaps there will be some people who will sub it earlier than me, but in the end, subbing arashi PV is a ritual that I must do no matter what for my own happiness xD Hi! Irasshai ~ Rury here, welcome to my journal, the place where I used to review the doramas I love/hate with an extensive number of screen caps, also I used to/still write a lot of random stuff about Arashi and other Johnnys too, I still love to try to do some lyrics translations from time to time (meaning on each release I like) and on rare occasions I'll attempt some subbing (my intention Visual Episode Guide for Arashi's Shows. wwww. this way i knew arashi. [Downloads] {Eng Subs} 161201 Cain and Abel cast - vsArashi Cut - with Yamada Ryosuke 161201 Cain and Abel cast - vsArashi Cut. 10-jump. This community contains some english-subbed Arashi shows and Arashi scans. This is my first time making subs and I translated it from Chinese since I dont really know Japanese. No rules because I believe people understand the 'dos and don'ts' when joining a community. 12. There was an email sent out the the members of FC ONLY on the 21st, informing them of this event before hand. vsa. 2015 with Grasshopper Team. Awesome · Drama · VS Arashi | Matsumoto's fail [ENG SUB] Fails, Dramas, Awesome, Drama . 001 - Disneyland + Convenience Store + Ophthalmology + Bomb Diffuser 17. Perhaps I'll delete the community once I'm sure that I'll never sub again. * Note that guest details have been left for unsubbed episodes. 06 MUSIC DAY ARASHI ni Shiyagare Collaboration - Aiba Nino Corner — 1; 19. imitsu no Arashi-chan (HnA) Parte 1 Espisodios 001 a 100 10. 03 - Sho (Sand onsen, chickens, huge unagi) Mayonaka no Arashi #002 2001. Recomen 20090403 Aiba Masaki 11. i'm hoping that opening up a community will somehow push me to be less lazy, haha. thanks. 075 - Arashi + Shimura Ken vs. Credit:sanimyli of livejournal. 2009 – Special - VS Arashi Golden 2 hour Special - Tokyo Dogs cast & Red Theatre 29. All membership in the community is moderated, so even if you join the community, you still can't access anything unless you got approved. hi everyone! A quick update to let you know the Narratage entry is back online, as we managed to find another rip. It is The username is from the lyric in 5x10. vs arashi eng sub livejournal

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